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Credits are at the bottom. Please read it to honor those that helped with the project.


Enter to activate/interact/ and continue dialogue.

wasd or arrows to move

escape or right mouse click to open menu

you can use the mouse cursor for selecting commands with left click.

hold page down to skip through conversations.

Gates of Elmeria is a RPG that follows the glory of the old top down 2D games such as Final fantasy.

Story -The story will be revealed through play. Most people give a small part of the story, but I would rather people play the game without the story. That way people can grow with the characters and be pulled in as they played.

Game Features

- Quest Log. Detailed quest log so you never forget what you are doing. The quest log keeps track of what area you gained the quest in, what step you are on, gives hints on what to do next, and tells you the status of the quest AKA failed or completed.

- CTB combat system. Charge Turn Base battle systems add a flare to the combat. For anyone that does not know what CTB is think about Final Fantasy 10 or Mana Khemia. Instead of taking turns hitting each other your agility affects who goes first and attacks next. In combat at the top right of the screen you will see the turn bar. There are some skills that can knock back people on then turn bar. Some even pull your allies to the front allowing them to attack first. So it isn't a just choose an attack to win game. You better be prepared to make strategies down the line.

- Scaling difficulty. The enemies level up with you. So don't think leveling will be all you need to win a battle. The enemies can even learn new attacks as they level so be prepared to face new threats even when playing against monsters you have already beaten.

- Crafting. They crafting system is very vast in game. Throughout the game you can do quests to receive recipe books to make new weapons. Some books are hidden in dungeons. Some can be found while going through random storage containers in people's houses. [Hint Hint].

- Elmeria System. Each character has an elmeria stone that grants them special bonuses in combat. These stones can be upgraded for better effects, but you can only upgrade the stones a certain amount of times so be careful about what you upgrade them with. So if you want a tanky healer go for it.

- Ceil Stones. There are stones in game that can be used to upgrade your items. Like Elmeria Stones they can only be upgraded a certain amount of times.

Game features that just effect visuals.

- Weather Effects. The game will have weather in it to help bring out the feel of the enviorment. Snow, rain, thunder, and much more.

- Old style RPG level design for those that remeber the great RPG games of the day.

Credits The list of each of their works will be in the credit menu from the main title screen and the end game credits.


- Me AKA Jonathan Westfall

- Yanfly

- Moghunter

- GSmearus

Art The art is not done. So it will get a lot better, but here is the people that have helped

- whitedragon- tilemaps

- BCJ - Working on UI

- Sturmfels - Working on Tile for maps



- Eric Matyas


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